High life

I love the mountains to the east of Harlech – for me, it’s the most exhilarating bit of Snowdonia. Mind you I’m never entirely sure what to call them. Are they the Rhinogydd, or the Rhinogau? Or should I just plump for sticking an ‘s’ on the end to Anglicise them as the Rhinogs? By whatever name, the peaks of Rhinog Fawr, Rhinog Fach and their neighbours make up a landscape that’s as tough as it’s beautiful. I’m just back from a weekend there with Drew Buckley looking for feral goats (difficult to spot the goats in my picture, I know, but I think it gives a feel for how wild the hills are there). We needed pictures of the goats for our Wilder Wales book project and, so far, the goats had eluded us. Luckily, it didn’t end up as another wild goose chase and Drew managed to get a first-class set of images of billy goats in the setting of the range’s peaks and lakes.