Wild year

Spring has finally arrived and I’m just getting to work on my book about the wildlife of Wales for Graffeg. It’s going to mean a year of visits to some of Wales’ wildest places to capture a sense of what they’re like as the seaons change. Some time over the next week or so we’re

Close to home

I’m busy at the moment walking Ceredigion’s ups and downs for a guidebook, which will be published this time next year by Pocket Mountains. Ceredigion isn’t home, but it’s close to it – the border’s about a mile from where I live. It feels very familiar, but having to come up with 40 routes means

Best walk?

My favourite for the moment, anyway. It’s the Kerry Ridgeway, a day’s worth of walking where you’re nearly always above the 1,000ft contour. It takes you from Wales into England (or England to Wales, if you’d rather); read about it in the latest edition of Walk. Warning: Pictures of me.

Gone glossy

At last I’m a columnist for a glossy magazine… Well, to be honest I’ve been writing my weekly wildlife column for Garden News since the end of the 1990s, but until this week it was published in newspaper format. Now it’s gone full colour and glossy but is, I think, even better than ever.

Write stuff

It’s great when something you’ve written makes some sort of difference or strikes a chord with someone. So, I’m delighted that one of my wildlife features has been selected for “an anthology of the best writing about the countryside from the pages of The Daily Telegraph“. The book The Hedgerows Heaped with May has been

Travel writing

I find that family life and travel writing aren’t a good mix, so these days I ration myself to no more than two or three trips a year. It does sometimes make for pain when you have to turn down tempting offers when they come in. On Sunday I’m off to Jersey to do some

Time to blog

The sun is shining, buds are bursting and the birds are singing. That means… its time to blog. I’ve been meaning to get blogging about gardening, wildlife and conservation for ages and now I’m doing it. It’s fun, and means that a camera is now as essential to gardening as secateurs or a trowel. Have